Either way, Super Bowl outcome not desirable for host city

The city of Indianapolis is embracing its role as Super Bowl host, rolling out the red carpet for the NFL's biggest game. But for Colts fans, the XLVI matchup in Lucas Oil Stadium is the stuff of nightmares. What is the worst-case scenario for Indy -- Eli Manning getting his second ring, to surpass big brother Peyton's one; or Tom Brady getting ring No. 4 and definitively ending the best QB of this era debate?

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  • Jason La Canfora NFL Network
  • Colts fans will be cheering Eli, booing Brady

By far, it's Brady. Peyton is an icon here and by default there will be love for Eli. It's the next best thing. Those fans know how close the brothers are and how much big bro wants this for little bro.

Brady is Public Enemy No. 1. He's hated here. Simple as that.

Colts fans are torn up about the impending divorce between their hero and their team. If anything, they're more emotional about Peyton than ever. Seeing Peyton celebrate with Eli in their stadium would be as close to glory as they could get. And all the better if it's at Brady's expense.

The worst-case scenario for Indianapolis is Eli getting his second Super Bowl. As a Jets fan, I can relate. Whom am I rooting for in this game? New England. Why? Same reason Colts fans are rooting for New England: We've already seen them win three times, what's one more? We know their dynasty is legitimate. But if Eli wins again? The Colts lament they've had the wrong brother all along and Peyton's lack of post-season success rears its ugly head again. There's a more vocal movement to part ways with him and embrace Andrew Luck. Peyton's gone anyway, but this will put grease on those skids and make it uglier.

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  • Steve Wyche NFL.com
  • Watching Brady win would be painful

Brady getting No. 4, without a doubt. Most folks with the Colts could not care less if Eli gets more Super Bowls than Peyton. After seeing what happened this year, they should be grateful Peyton was able to get Indy to the Super Bowl twice. To have to eat Brady's success is worse than the big-bro, little-bro scenario.

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  • Adam Rank NFL.com
  • Peyton's legacy takes hit if Brady wins

I had the opportunity to ask Cris Collinsworth if Peyton would be jealous of Eli winning a second Super Bowl title, especially in Indianapolis. Collinsworth said Peyton's chief rival was his older brother, Cooper, and the two of them both pull for Eli. And Peyton scouted the 49ers along with Eli, so I can't see Peyton being too upset.

But Brady winning would be the worst possible outcome for Peyton. Brady's fourth title forever would cement him as the era's best quarterback. Any perceived ammunition for Peyton would be rendered moot.

So in other words, I'm rooting for Brady to win.

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