Edelman reviews New England pizza with Guy Fieri

New England football fans have it pretty good right now: They're getting ready to hang up a fifth Super Bowl championship banner and their star receiver is making it his mission to provide reviews of every pizza place in New England.

In the first webisode of One Nibble with Julian Edelman -- a spinoff of Barstool Sports' own pizza review series -- the Pats veteran teams up with celebrity chef Guy Fieri to review pizza from Papa Gino's.

While most reviewers simply rate dishes on a one-to-five stars scale, Edelman goes the extra mile and uses a 1 to 1,000 metric. Plenty of nibbles and awkward moments ensue.

This isn't Edelman's first foray into the food review realm, Pats fans and Edelman enthusiasts may remember his Burgertyme video.

From making insanely clutch catches to telling you where to get your next slice, Edelman is the receiver the people deserve.

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