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Eddie Lacy is having an honest-to-goodness yard sale

File this one under: Football Stars! They're just like us!

Eddie Lacy is moving. The running back signed with the Seattle Seahawks in free agency, a decision that effectively ended his time in the Green Bay area. Before he starts the next chapter of his life, the running back has some housekeeping to do. It's literal housekeeping -- and he's taking a straightforward, wholly relatable path toward removing clutter from his life.

I'm not sure what "One more time for Wisconsin" means, but it's a funny sentiment that makes me smile. Lacy's decision to donate all proceeds to charity makes him harder to relate to (I want that gwap) but easier to respect.

Will you be in or around the De Pere area this weekend and plan to pick through Eddie Lacy's personal belongings? If so, hit me up on Twitter and make sure to take lots of pics.

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