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Eagles have turned workouts into prize competitions

Competition is at the very heart of football, and the Eagles' coaching staff is looking to leverage that basic truth into extra juice during their offseason program.

A series of athletic competitions, including tug-of-war, agility tests and weight-lifting battles, have been introduced during the Eagles' offseason program this year. The winners get a series of prizes, including T-shirts, premium parking spots (this is underrated) and music selection privileges in the weight room. You have to go back-to-back as a competition winner to earn that last one, which makes sense considering how powerful being the DJ for all your friends can make a man.

Each win is added to a point total. The player with the most points accumulated during the spring is awarded a "WWE-style championship belt," according to the Eagles' official site. Men have killed for lesser possessions.

"The guys are really buying into it and getting after it. There is a great desire to compete, and when there is a prize at the end, the guys really want to win," Eagles coach Doug Pederson said. "... They are competing like crazy for a T-shirt and a better parking spot, things we take for granted. But the players want to win and they love it."

The belt will be handed out in about a month. The recipient should be allowed to wear the strap on the practice field and use it as a foreign object (to borrow a Gorilla Monsoon-ism) when the inevitable training camp scuffles break out.

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