Eagles fan masterful at winning free game tickets

Every week, the Philadelphia Eagles hold a contest for free tickets. And almost every week, the same damn dude wins the contest.

Verrrrry interesting.

You get the idea.

The contest premise is simple enough for anyone to get on board: The Eagles announce that their mascot, Swoop, will be at a location in Philadelphia or the surrounding area. The first person to see Swoop and give him a high five gets two tickets to the upcoming home game. Thirteen out of 20 times since 2014, it's been @YungYle -- real name Kyle Lloyd.

"I don't have any connections with the Eagles or I wouldn't be out there on my lunch break not getting lunch," Lloyd told BillyPenn.com on Tuesday. "I clock out for lunch early to get there. I have a boss who's cool enough to let me take a lunch break at 11 o'clock to go see Swoop and give him a high five."

Obviously, the Eagles have no limits to how many times someone can win the contest, though we suspect that's something that might change before next season. Not that I'd agree with it: If Mr. Lloyd is winning these tickets fair and square, the Eagles should build the contest around that. Kind of like how ratings on Jeopardy! shot up when Ken Jennings won 74 games in a row.

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