Drew Pearson just went toe-to-toe with Philadelphia

The NFL draft's return to Philadelphia will be remembered as a game-changer.

Opening up the annual event to an outdoor audience of this scope has unlocked previously hidden charms. Colleague Conor Orr, who has his boots on the ground in Philly this week, likened the scene to football's version of Coachella and he's not wrong. Consider it a lightbulb moment: Draft season is when optimism is at its highest for all 32 fanbases. What if you leaned into that?

And that's how 100,000 screaming Philadelphians have changed this event forever. The scene has been great throughout the first three rounds, but the highlight came Friday, when Drew Pearson, former star wideout of the hated Cowboys, took the stage to announce the Cowboys' second-round pick.

Said an ecstatic Rich Eisen: "That is an all-time great pick announcement! I am standing and applauding! Drew Pearson soaking in the hate and spittin' it back!"

Pearson, who is a damn hero, was trending No. 1 -- worldwide -- on Twitter in the moments after he took on an entire city and lived to tell the tale.

Well, we assume he lived. Still plenty of night.

UPDATE: Drew Pearson, who is still alive, spoke with NFL Network's Colleen Wolfe about his all-time performance.

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