Dez Bryant cuts fingers while getting his soup game on

The Dallas Cowboys would love to get Dez Bryant back on the field at some point. Best to keep him out of the kitchen in pursuit of that goal.

Bryant told reporters he cut his fingers while slicing carrots during the preparation of some homemade soup, according to NFL Network's Jane Slater. He was spotted at practice on Wednesday catching passes with the tips of his right middle and ring fingers taped.

Bryant called the injury "extremely, extremely minor."

Players have been known to manipulate the truth in bizarre ways in an effort to explain away off-the-field injuries, and we must say it's not easy (though it is fun) to picture Dez Bryantblasting Sarah Bareilles on his home stereo while concocting wild recipes at the stovetop. That said, we make no accusations here. If Dez likes to get a stew on during his private time, more power to him.

But just as Tony Romo swore off golf to better protect his health, Jason Garrett believes Dez should take off the apron. A reporter asked the coach if the team needed to hire a personal chef for their playmaker.

"We got to address that somehow," he replied.

This qualifies as a high-priority concern in the suddenly blue-skied realm of America's Team.

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