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Devonta Freeman wins over Brady's son via fantasy

Deciding who to cheer for on your favorite NFL team and fantasy football team can be a tricky ordeal. Luckily for Tom Brady's oldest son Jack, he doesn't have to choose (fake) football over family in the Super Bowl.

Jack took Falcons running back Devonta Freeman to headline his fantasy squad this season, and his dad had no hard feelings toward his 9-year-old son's selection.

"I was part of the reason why he picked Devonta Freeman early in the season," Brady told NFL Network's Willie McGinest at Super Bowl LI Opening Night on Monday. "He said, 'Dad, dad, you have to help pick my team!' I was lining them up and I've always been a fan of his."

The big question, though: Did Jack draft his father despite the four-game suspension to start the season?

Brady also was asked by McGinest about his relationship with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and whether he was sick of all the questions related to the matter.

"You know, I've moved on," the Patriots quarterback said. "I said earlier last week that I focus on positive things in my life and I've made a concerted effort to be focused on what my goals are, which are ahead of me. And nothing that's been in the past -- good, bad, indifferent, neutral -- none of those things help going forward."

Hopefully Tom has passed down similar wisdom to his son regarding how to handle a losing fantasy football campaign.

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