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Developing: Patriots lack natural fit for fifth banner

These are tense, dangerous, uneasy times. Challenges are all around us, whether they be quagmires on the international scene or unrest at our doorstep. All these issues can feel overwhelming, and the most sensible solution may be to identify the most pressing concern facing our nation and work our way down the list.

So let's start here: Where will the New England Patriots hang their fifth Super Bowl banner?

Mike Reiss spotted the developing situation during a recent visit to Foxborough. The ESPN reporter noticed that the team does not have a natural fit for their upcoming 2016 Super Bowl champion banner.

Banners heralding titles for the 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2014 seasons neatly bookend each end of the large "Gillette Stadium" signage above the south end zone. There is no free real estate for banner No. 5. I repeat: NO FREE REAL ESTATE FOR BANNER FIVE. Dispatched Reiss: "When this was mentioned, it was relayed that the club is considering design plans on how to proceed with the fifth Super Bowl banner."

Needless to say, we will follow this story closely and bring you updates as soon as we have them. Here's Bill Pullman's speech from Independence Day.

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