Derek Carr: Raiders fans aren't 'going to split up'

In 2016, Derek Carr led the Raiders to their first winning season -- and playoff berth -- since 2002. He threw for 3,937 yards and 28 touchdowns. Then, on Christmas Eve, Carr broke his fibula. Since then it's been pretty rough for Oakland Raiders fans.

Months after Carr's injury and the Raiders' subsequent Wild Card elimination, the NFL approved the team's move to Las Vegas on March 27. In December, the Raiders had a healthy star quarterback who was ready for his playoff debut, the Defensive Player of the Year and a shot at bringing Oakland its first Lombardi Trophy since the 1980 season. Now, their days are numbered in Oakland but Carr says true members of Raider Nation will continue to support the team in their new home.

"We're not going to split up like you've seen other cities do," he told The Mercury News. "We're not going to do things like that. For the ones that do, I don't really believe that they're true Raider fans. I feel their hurt. I'm with you. I'm hurt, too. But at the same time, we're all in this together and we're just going to do it together."

Carr, perhaps realizing his initial comments were a little insensitive, took to Twitter to try and smooth things over.

Some fans still weren't feeling it though.

Things are bound to reach bowl cut levels of awkward if the Raiders make a Super Bowl run before leaving Oakland. Guess it's better than winning a championship shortly after moving though. Word to '90s Browns fans.

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