Dennis Rodman: Time for Jets to take over New York

The New York Jets haven't been to the Super Bowl since Joe Namath guaranteed -- and delivered -- on his championship promise back in 1969.

That was a long time go. Lyndon Johnson was the president then. Jets coach Todd Bowles was 5. Broadway Joe is now 73. The Giants, who were the big brother in town even before Namath showed up, have won four Super Bowl titles in the last 30 years. With that success comes ownership rights to the region.

Enter Dennis Rodman.

Yes, Dennis Rodman, the flamboyant NBA Hall of Famer, who showed up at Jets camp on Wednesday and delivered something of a pep talk to both the Jets and their fan base.

"Guess what? I've got the green on, baby," Rodman said, holding up his large hands. "The green nails. Supporting the Jets right now. Guess what? It's time for this team to do one thing, baby. It's time to take over New York. No more Giants. It's about the New York Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets."

Coming from the team-run Instagram account, this was a flash of the bravado not seen in Florham Park since Rex Ryan was evicted. It reminds me of when Ryan claimed New York big-brother status in his ridiculous autobiography and then this happened. That wasn't good.

I encountered Rodman at a West Hollywood CVS about five years ago. He was with two, let's call them road-weary, young women. I think he was wearing sweatpants. My buddy asked for a picture and Rodman rolled his eyes. Then he got into a cab with his girls and went off into the night.

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