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DeAngelo Williams has fun with social media trope

Once you hit a certain age -- I'll put it at 34, though this can fluctuate a few years in either direction based on a host of factors -- your Facebook feed will change into something different. Something ... strange. Something ... unrecognizable.

One day your feed is filled with photo evidence of wild nights on the town, vacations with friends, afternoons by the sea and wedding reception ragers. Then ... the mutation. Debauchery gives way to baby photos, which give way to toddler photos, which give way to -- and this is where it gets real -- a full-on invasion of children holding mini-blackboards and mugging on their first day of pre-school/kindergarten/first grade.

The Change feels both sudden and gradual. When your crazy old aunt pops up with an insensitive and offensive societal musing, it almost feels like a relief. You take stasis in any form.

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams knows what I'm talking about. He's 33.

This is a clever subversion of a social media phenomenon. But it won't stop it. Nothing will. It comes for us all.

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