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DeAngelo Williams had a 'Walking Dead' wedding

I didn't think anyone could top Earl Thomaswearing a crown to his wedding, but here we are.

Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams is a big fan of The Walking Dead. How big? For his wedding, Williams, his wife, and their entire wedding party wore heavy prosthetics to mimic the look of "walkers" on the absurdly popular AMC series.

Williams published something akin to a "Making Of" mini-documentary on his Facebook page over the weekend. It's a surreal watch worth three minutes of your time.

"He didn't have to convince me," said Williams' wife, Risalyn, her voice muffled by a slab of rubber glued to her skin. "He really had to convince the bridesmaids. But then he said they had to do it ... because they're bridesmaids."

Oh man, those poor bridesmaids. Check out the silently horrified woman at the 1:35 mark. She did not sign up for this.

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