DeAndre Hopkins gets fined for wearing Yeezy cleats

DeAndre Hopkins put fashion ahead of the NFL's strict uniform rules and it cost him.

Hopkins told reporters on Thursday that he was fined approximately $6,000 for wearing Yeezy 350 cleats from Adidas. The cleats are the brainchild of Kanye West.

The cleats went on sale to the general public on Thursday but sold out almost immediately. West is a damn good businessman for a college dropout.

Hopkins said he won't wear the Yeezys again unless Kanye plans on footing the bill. The Houston Chronicle reported that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins wore the same cleats in Week 1. They likely received the same FedEx package as Hopkins this week.

I'd like to see someone tell Kanye he can't wear the shoes he likes. This would be explosive entertainment.

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