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Dean Blandino tweets #DezCaughtIt

Dez Bryant is famous for a lot of things. Among them is his unfavorable connection to the NFL's unendingly fuzzy catch rule.

You might recall that Bryant was denied an apparent catch that helped cost the Cowboys a 2014 playoff game against the Packers. In this year's season opener, Bryant had a touchdown catch wiped away by the command center in Manhattan.

On Sunday night, Bryant came down with another ball in the end zone. This catch was definitive -- we think -- with no replay stoppage necessary. NFL rules czar Dean Blandino -- who's become a minor celebrity on the back of his cascade of catch/non-catch explanations on NFL Network -- had himself some fun as Dez was busy throwing up the X.

We see you, Dean-o. But seriously, I wish we knew what a catch was.

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