DDFP: Wk 6 Red Challenge Flag picks; Top 5 QB or Top 5 coach?

Dave Dameshek is joined on the Stage 5 set by Matt "Money" Smith before the Week 6 games! Shek and Money start off by debating Shek's idea of the "Loser Bowl" since this week the winless Dolphins face the winless Redskins (3:00). Next, the guys get into Zaxby's Fresh Takes by deciding win, place, show between top 10 QB, top 5 coach, top 5 offensive line, top 5 pass rush and top 3 cover corner back (15:24). Then, the duo breaks down the Chiefs and Rams chances of reaching the Super Bowl (22:50). Lastly, they round out the show with their Week 6 Red Challenge Flag picks (32:50)!

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