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DDFP: SB LIII Red Challenge Flag Picks

Dave Dameshek is joined by Handsome Hank and Matt "Money" Smith in Studio 66 to make their Red Challenge Flag Picks for Super Bowl LIII. First up, Shek makes his case why the Los Angeles Rams will defeat the New England Patriots by 10 points, to which Hank and Money argued (4:15). Next, New Orleans Saints fan Martin Weiss defends his team after the missed pass interference call in the NFC title game (23:25). Then, Money reads some Eddie Spaghetti Tweets about Mariano River being inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame (44:25). Kent Brown's mom left the group a voicemail about the show The Masked Singer (58:35) and the group ended the show with their Red Challenge picks for the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl (1:05:55).

Listen to the podcast below:

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