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DDFP: Rams mini-camp with Brandin Cooks

Dave Dameshek and the rest of the DDFP crew head to Thousand Oaks, California to stop by the Los Angeles Rams' training facility! First, Shek sits down with newly acquired wide receiver Brandin Cooks to chat about his cooking expertise (or lack thereof), what his touchdown call should sound like and how much he knows about Jared Goff (3:04). Next, another Rams newcomer, Aqib Talib, stops by to talk about how Goff compares to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, where Aaron Donald ranks among the best defensive players and if Shek can help him find a home in Los Angeles (13:04). Lastly, potential Sheky winner for best football playing guest, Johnny Hekker, sits down with Shek to kibitz about being a new dad, if he will finally punt barefoot and if the curse of "s'posta" will affect the team (22:52).

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