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DDFP: Patriots' toughest AFC opponent; red challenge flag picks

Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by Patrick Claybon & Marc Istook to make their Week 7 Red Challenge Flag picks! The guys first start off debating with Shek's stance on how to measure who is the greatest quarterback of all-time (5:30). Shek, Claybon & Istook also give their thoughts on Khalil Mack being compared to Lawrence Taylor (13:40) and where Adam Thielen ranks among wide receivers today (15:45)? Next, we hear from Browns legend Willie McGinest, who kibitzes with Shek about the Patriots' toughest opponent in the AFC (20:57) and why defenses across the NFL are struggling (23:00)? Lastly, Shek, Claybon and Istook round out the show with their Week 7 Red Challenge Flag Picks (28:56).

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