DDFP: Mo Dameshek & the Handsome Hank incident

Dave Dameshek is first joined by Patrick Claybon and Handsome Hank to revisit the now infamous "QB Finger Bet" regarding which teams will have a new quarterback in 2018 (33:30), as well as discuss the New York Jets' decision to cut Muhammad Wilkerson (41:20). Then, Hank relives the day he got sick last week after recording the show, detailing exactly what went down when he left the set (1:26). The guys also ask themselves the big questions such as the explanation for leap year (46:00), how we can ultimately fix global warming (47:03) and how the first humans on Earth discovered what food to eat (49:00). Lastly, Shek is visited by his biggest fan, his mother, Mo Dameshek, who plays a game of "Who's More Handsome (55:36)?" She also explains the catch rule (1:01:37) and tells the tale of teenage Shek's run-in with the law (1:14:34).

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