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DDFP: MJD on Todd Gurley & Bills RB Devin Singletary

Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by our old pal Maurice Jones-Drew, who is back from vacation. MJD gets us up to speed on his thoughts on the 2019 Jacksonville Jaguars and what he thought of the Game of Thrones finale (3:48). Then, since he is the radio color analyst for the Rams, Maurice gives insight to the Todd Gurley situation and if his knee is a problem at all (11:50). MJD also gives a quick update on Le'Veon Bell and the comments Adam Gase made about him (23:45). Finally, the show ends with Buffalo Bills rookie running back Devin Singletary joining the DDFP to tell us about his experience in the NFL so far (36:12).

Maurice Jones-Drew on Todd Gurley's health (12:58): "First of all, it's not like the knee is a degenerative issue from my understanding. I didn't talk to Todd about his knee, I did ask him if he's healthy and he said yeah he's healthy."

MJD on Todd Gurley's offseason plan (14:40): "Todd Gurley and Sean McVay and their staff sat down with his person he trains with in the offseason in LA. They all got together and put together a plan and the plan was there is no reason for Todd to be doing OTA's right now. I need Todd in December, November, October, September -- I need him to be as fast as he can go."

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