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DDFP: McGinest, Carr & Eddie Spaghetti chats with Wahlberg

Dave Dameshek is joined in Studio 66 by Cleveland Browns legend Willie McGinest and the 2002 first overall selection, David Carr, to kibitz about the return of their favorite show The Hills (2:10). The group also pokes fun at the shirtless underwear ad that Baker Mayfield did with a tiger while leaning on a Rolls Royce (4:10). Shek asks David and Willie who the best player they've ever played with was (8:20) and if Brian Hoyer became the Patriots starting QB this season could he win the AFC East (13:50)? Finally, we hear from Eddie Spaghetti who had the chance to speak with Mark Wahlberg before the release of his new movie, Mile 22, about his Patriots losing the Super Bowl and where Tom Brady ranks all-time in Boston sports (29:07).

Listen to the podcast below:

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