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DDFP: Johnny Knoxville, Reggie Wayne & David Carr

Dave Dameshek is first joined in Studio 66 by NFL Network analysts Reggie Wayne and David Carr (1:10). The group discusses David's key card access with the Raiders (3:05), Peyton Manning vs. Andrew Luck in the huddle (5:50) and Reggie's two week stint with the New England Patriots (10:25). The guys also agree to a future bet of who can throw a football and a baseball the hardest vs. Cole Wright (19:45). Next, the star and writer of "Action Point", Johnny Knoxville comes to the studio to kibitz about his new movie (21:27). Johnny talks about the various injuries he suffered on set (24:00), who the most handsome "Jackass" member is (30:10) and who are some of the coolest people he knows (26:40).

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