Dave Dameshek Football Program: Reggie Wayne & James Jones

James Jones on the Cleveland Browns draft strategy (14:08) "Tyrod Taylor is not going to give you 4,000 yards passing every year but Tyrod is going to give you a chance to win. He's going to keep you in ball games, he's not going to turn the ball over. Then you get playmakers around him, I think they have the best trio in the National Football League when you look at Coleman, you look at Landry, you look at Gordon. I feel like why even go get a quarterback?"

Reggie Wayne responding to James Jones saying the Browns have the best trio & why Steelers have the best (20:28): "I'm going to tell you the common denominator, the big factor in this - your quarterback is everything. You can look good on that paper but if you don't have the quarterback to do it... .and I don't think Tyrod can do it all year."

Dave Dameshek is joined by former NFL wide receivers and NFL Network's own Reggie Wayne and James Jones to find out who their biggest rivals were (9:40) and which teams have the best trio of wideouts (18:00). Shek was also brave enough to ask James Jones if Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback with the all-time worst group of receivers...it may have led to chaos in Studio 66 (27:30)!

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