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Dave Dameshek Football Program: 2018 sleeper teams

Dave Dameshek is joined by NFL Network's Cole Wright, Willie McGinest and James Jones to discuss who they believe will be 2018's "sleeper" team, highlighting the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers (7:45). The fellas then debate where Teddy Bridgewater and Earl Thomas will end up playing this season, as well as their potential trade value (14:18). Also, Shek asks James and Willie about their own experiences playing on teams who are stronger on one side of the ball than the other and how this imbalance can affect a player's mentality (18:20). Lastly, in the return of the "10-Foot Pole" segment, Shek asks the guys to weigh in on some polarizing hypothetical scenarios concerning Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady (27:04).

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