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Davante Adams and the beauty of the tunnel exit

This has been a special year -- a rebirth, really -- for touchdown celebrations in the NFL. And while we've all enjoyed the creativity that's come with this new post-score freedom of expression, there's something to be said for the standards.

Davante Adams isn't the first player to run up the tunnel after scoring a game-changing. Flipper Anderson did it against the Giants in the 1989 playoffs. Two years earlier, Bo Jackson disappeared into darkness on *Monday Night Football* against the Seahawks. Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfictdid it against the Steelers in the 2015 playoffs ... yeah, Bengals fans don't need to revisit that.

So no, Adams won't get points for originality. Still, the man deserves extra credit for an Irish goodbye that was both organic and symbolic. Organic in that the tunnel happened to be in right in front of him after he beat the Browns with his overtime score. Symbolic in that the maneuver was the equivalent of Adams yelling to his teammates, "Let's get the hell of Cleveland, guys. We've got three more games to win and Aaron freakin' Rodgers is coming back."

The Packers will need every minute of the next week to be physically recovered for Week 15. But you get the feeling Green Bay can't wait to get back on the field ... even if their star wideout didn't hesitate to get off it on Sunday.

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