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Dab replacement leads to predictable Panthers penalty

The Dab is dead. Here's the replacement in Charlotte ...

I feel bad for Panthers tackle Mike Remmers, who briefly attempts to join the celebration before retreating like a school boy who rethinks a decision to try to fit in with the cool kids.

As for the dance? Eh, it's not bad. I like the coordinated nature of it, but unfortunately that's not allowed under league rules. The Panthers were flagged for excessive celebration on the play in case they forgot.

If you strip away the choreographed nature of the dance, what are you left with? I'm not saying the Panthers are dealing with a dud here, but you're not Ryan Tannehill in a Joe Philbin offense. You can audible out of this.

And now, just for nostalgia sake, let's remember how much the dab cheesed people off.

Ah, memories.

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