Crabtree's gold chain most ridiculous story of '17

The ongoing feud between wide receiver Michael Crabtree and cornerback Aqib Talib can be traced back a single piece of jewelry.

I refer, of course, to the gold chain that Talib has now snatched from Crabtree's neck in consecutive years during meetings between the Broncos and Raiders. Crabtree flipped out after Talib pilfered the treasure Sunday, sparking a brawl that got both men disqualified.

According to a report from one prominent NFL insider, Crabtree had prepared for the possibility of a repeat attack in Week 12.

This is easily, easily, easily my favorite dumb NFL storyline of 2017. Let's dig in.

On Sunday night's edition of the Around The NFL Podcast, I wondered what was going through Crabtree's head in the hours before kickoff. Surely there must have great internal debate about whether he should wear the chain or keep it in his locker.

The logical choice would be the latter, naturally. But it's important to understand that this situation exists not in reality, but instead in the cone of a F5 tornado of male ego run amok. As such, it is essential to view both combatants through that prism. Had Crabtree not worn the necklace, Talib would have won an important battle before either men stepped foot on the field Sunday. In effect, Talib would have claimed some of Crabtree's agency. This would have undoubtedly come up almost immediately once both men were close proximity.

Crabtree's decision to wear the necklace was his "These colors don't run!" moment. His attempt to better secure the necklace was logical in practice, but his inability to keep this secret plan out of the national media has now become his undoing.

Why? Because now Crabtree knows that Talib knows that the chain situation has been in his head this whole time. The man stood in front of a mirror and attempted to tape jewelry to his bare chest! Even worse, Crabtree is in too deep. There's no turning back now.

The next time these two men share a field, winning a football game will be the last thing on Michael Crabtree's mind. The first thing you need to know about the gold chain is that Aqib Talib already owns it.

UPDATE: Crabtree and Talib were each suspended two games by the NFL on Monday.

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