Cowboys try hand at comedy with 'Breakfast Club'

Life is good at The Star right now.

"The Star" being the Cowboys' new $1.5 billion headquarters, of course. The team that trains there hasn't lost a game in 71 days and talk of a Big D return to the Big Game no longer feels like the overly optimistic talk at North Texas barber shops.

The good vibes around the Cowboys extend to the team's social media sector. Last week, the first-class cabin killed the mannequin challenge -- as in murdered it, as in it doesn't exist anymore. That stunning display of power accomplished, the social team has moved on to the world of comedy.

Here's a short, appropriately titled "Breakfast Club".


»Dak Prescott eating Basic 4 is a perfect creative choice for a rookie who's being portrayed as a straight arrow right out of the Russell Wilson mold.

» Cute little callback to Dez Bryant's catch-rule drama. Boo on the missed opportunity for a Deano Blandino clapback, however.

» I feel closer to anybody who drowns his scrambled eggs in hot sauce. Cole Beasley gets me.

»Ezekiel Elliott is the big star here, of course. The nod to his famous "Feed Me" hand motion is apparent, but what I love here is how he really commits to the part. We might be seeing the most gifted physical comedian since Chris Farley.

Here's Elliott eating ... forever. Homer has company.

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