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Counterpoint: Leave Jay Cutler alone, he's fine

First things first: Jay Cutler doesn't need this job.

According to, a site that track's earnings of professional athletes, Cutler made $112 million in his first 11 NFL seasons. Cutler's wife, former MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari, is a successful fashion designer and best-selling lifestyle author. In terms of paper, Jay good.

If Cutler really didn't care about football, if the guy didn't want to play, well, duh, he wouldn't be playing football. He probably wouldn't even be talking about football, something he was prepared to do as a second career at FOX before Ryan Tannehill's left knee buckled last week.

But that didn't stop Football Internet from tossing out familiar Cutler conclusions after his first press conference as a Dolphin. The tone of his remarks, the casual attitude toward physical fitness, the body language ("My God, his hands are in his pockets!"), all signs Cutler was committing robbery with a smug instead of a ski mask.

And sure, when Cutler acknowledges his wife "talked [him] into" his comeback more than anyone else could, it's fair to wonder if his heart is into it. Cutler makes it so easy to doubt his intentions.

But let's never, ever forget: Smokin' Jay don't care. The dude does not care what you think of him. He never has. He could have showed up for that press conference in a fancy suit and spouted a bunch of clichés about how much he appreciates the opportunity, and how excited he is to play the game he loves, and how -- deep down -- it has always been his dream to play for the Miami Dolphins.

Instead, Cutler chose -- as he always does -- to eschew such societal niceties. He rolled into Dolphins camp, threw on a teal polo still creased at the folds and knocked out his media responsibility without a second thought. Seriously: He never thought about it before and he'll never think about it again. Then he went back to work.

And you know what? Good for Cutler. He struck out in free agency, was set to move on with his life, and now suddenly has a starting job ... worth eight figures ... on a promising team ... in Miami ... with perhaps the only coach in the NFL who knows how to harness his abilities.

Smokin' Jay won. I get that this is weirdly annoying. Better to accept it and just move on.

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