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Colts radio voice apologizes for on-air F-bomb

The Colts entered Sunday's matchup with the Chargers in dire straits. A third straight loss would all but ruin their season before the calendar flipped to October. The Colts needed to find a way to stay alive. As we explained on the latest Around The NFL Podcast, this was your classic Wounded Animal Game.

The next 60 minutes of football were both entertaining and stressful for everyone associated with the Colts. Indy was trailing with less than two minutes to play before T.Y. Hilton got open in space and took an Andrew Luck pass to the house for the go-ahead score.

It was a taxing game, one that took its toll on the fans inside Lucas Oil Stadium, and apparently, one venerable member of the Colts' broadcast team. After Indy recovered a fumble to end the game, longtime Colts radio voice Bob Lamey said, "The game is finally f----- over."

Seriously! Check it out:

Lamey has since apologized for his on-air gaffe and the team, thankfully, let "The Voice of the Colts" off the hook. This is a good thing since I'll take passion over polish every day of the week. In fact, if there was an alternate listening experience where the announcers drop F-bombs and generally behave like your idiot friends loaded up on Boggs Lite, I would listen to that broadcast.

Wait, did I just come up with a billion dollar idea? No? OK, nevermind. Rock on, Bob Lamey.

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