Cleveland weatherman finally shaves after Browns win

So you might have heard: The Browns finally won on Saturday. This was tremendous for the people of Cleveland and a Browns organization that didn't need the scarlet letter of 0-16 added to the already staggering legacy of pain.

On Monday, Cleveland weatherman Scott Sabol shaved his beard. It ended a 108-day odyssey that began when Sabol decided he wouldn't pick up his razor until the hometown Browns won a game.

This could have turned real ugly if Josh Lambo's field goal went straight. But it did not ... and Sabol's face was freed from the tyranny of overgrowth.

Sabol chronicled the whole adventure on his blog, letting us know he was a legit Browns fan.

Most people understood the intention was not a serious one even as the "0-for" beard evolved. I've always been a Browns fan since I was a kid. I remember the glory days of the 1980s. I remember the day the Browns left in 1995. I remember walking into old Cleveland Stadium to buy a seat in 1996. My basement is decorated in Cleveland sports memorabilia spanning 30 plus years. This season was as tough for me as it was for all of Cleveland. I can't imagine how tough this has been on the Browns organization.

So I want to thank everyone who has followed this since September 8th. Its December 25th. I just finished applying some Beard Oil to my 106 day old growth knowing that the end of the beard is at hand. My family is rejoicing. It's truly been an exciting ride.

One can imagine Sabol would have thought real hard about going through with this stunt if he were aware the Browns were about to have one of the worst seasons in NFL history. In the end, the Browns won, they'll still probably get the first pick -- and a regional weatherman got some real solid pub out of it.

Winning all over the place in Cleveland!

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