Chris Boswell nailed a rabona kick during college days

Chris Boswell's attempt at a rabona kick was met with calamitous results on Sunday in Baltimore. Turns out this wasn't the first time Boswell had tried the kick. In fact, he completely nailed it at least once before.

Four years ago, Boswell -- then the place kicker at Rice -- took the field with his team trailing by five points with 2:19 to play in the Bayou Bucket Classic against rival Houston. Boswell approached the ball, swung one leg behind the other, and perfectly executed the rabona. The ball skipped exactly 10 yards before being scooped up by a Rice player.

[Check this out. It's a thing of beauty](> target=):

We especially enjoy how gobsmacked the announcers are when the replay shows what Boswell had just done. Rice couldn't pull off the comeback that day, but the achievement of their kicker was no less fantastic.

Unfortunately, things didn't go so well on Sunday.

Would Boswell dare try another rabona? Would his coach even allow it? On some level, another attempt would pack an even bigger element of surprise against the opposition. After all, who would expect him to have the onions to try it again after such national embarrassment?

Hang some onion, Boz. We still believe.

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