Chicago Bears players show off their BBQ mastery

Today is "National Eat What You Want Day" a.k.a. any day of the week for quite a few of us.

Will Eddie Lacy indulge in McGriddles, gummy bears, and everything in between prior to his Beachbody challenge? Will Martellus Bennettmake each of these bacon recipes? There's no evidence of that going down yet, but I sure hope so.

However, we do know the Chicago Bears are getting in on the fun.

That's Bears guard Eric Kush, tackle Kyle Long and quarterback Mike Glennon ... and lots of meat -- enough barbecue chicken to make Shaq sweat; so many ribs that it looks like a Kobayashi scrimmage is about to go down.

This clip also informs you that "National Eat What You Want Day" prevents others from shaming you for consuming food that has hit the floor -- if you do that sort of thing. Disclaimer: This will not save you from foodborne illnesses.

Long drops a bit of culinary advice: There's never too much maple and a little crisp isn't a bad thing.

"It looks like it's burnt, but when you're smoking, it's called bark," Long adds.

Feed da Bears, indeed.

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