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Chargers 'beat' impossible odds on way to 1-4 start

The San Diego Chargers are a one-in-30 million story. The bad kind.

Mike McCoy's team is 1-4 and in the cellar of the AFC West. But it's how the Chargers got here that separates them from the pack.

According to, the Chargers had two instances in their first five games where they had a 99.9 percent chance to win (Week 1 against Chiefs, Week 4 against Saints) and managed to lose both games. Additionally, they had a 84.7 percent win probability against the Colts in Week 3 and a 77.9 percent chance to prevail against the Raiders on Sunday. They lost those games, too.

"So if you ran a computer simulation of these games from these points 30 million times, the Chargers would lose all four just once," financial analyst Seth Bienstock told The Wall Street Journal.

That's right. The Chargers had a 0.0000034 percent chance of losing all four of those games ... and they pulled it off. The Chargers are lottery losers for the ages.

Welcome to the Pain Rankings, guys.

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