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Carson Wentz at Christmas: Shotguns for everybody!

'Tis the season for offensive linemen to receive gifts from the stars.

We've seen bigs receive plane tickets, gaming systems, coolers and UTVs. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz went down a road we don't remember seeing before, gifting each of his big men up front a Beretta shotgun for Christmas.

Wentz, as you could probably guess, is an avid hunter. You may recall the story that he was on his back in a field duck hunting when he got the news that the Eagles had traded Sam Bradford to the Vikings.

"This is an awesome gun. I'm excited about it," said Allen Barbre, according to "I don't know if I'll shoot it though, it's pretty nice."

The guns, each engraved with a lineman's number, aren't cheap. Barbre believes the gun is a Silver Pigeon model, which retails in the range of $2,000.

But what if you are among the millions of Americans who don't hunt for living creatures in the wilderness? Do you get a shotgun anyway?


"I haven't really held a gun or anything before," rookie Isaac Seumalo said. "But I'm more than thankful for it. It looks sweet. Carson said he'd teach me how to use it and all that good stuff."

I don't know what I'd do with a shotgun. It would be kind of cool to just have it on my person at all times. Feel like that would command respect. That would be good. I want a gun, too.

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