Carrie Underwood drops new 'SNF' theme on society

NBC debuted its shiny new Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football theme song last night.

I understand Underwood could spend 45 seconds throwing nickels in a box and a large swath of football fans wouldn't care either way, but I'm a fan who likes to examine not just the game, but the product. So, with that said, here's the intro that played before the Patriots and CardinalsSNF opener.

End Around verdict: "Oh, Sunday Night", a reworked version of an Underwood and Miranda Lambert hit of yore, is an improvement over "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night", a shopworn tune Mike Francesa once hilariously described as "the dumbest song ever created."

"Oh, Sunday Night" isn't going to land in the Smithsonian or anything, but it's got a nice beat and the computer-generated effects are less grating than past editions of the intro. (You won't find Brian Urlacher destroying a Soldier Field pillar with a swim move this time around.)

Unveiling a new Sunday Night Football theme song is like an NFL team changing its uniform. Once you drop the re-design, you're pretty much stuck with it for a few years whether you like it or not. And while we haven't heard a fervent call to get "Oh, Sunday Night" onto all streaming music platforms, people aren't unleashing hissing think-pieces condemning the efforts of Underwood, Inc. either.

Call it a win. We see you, Eli.

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