Cardinals TE getting on Arians' (expletive) good side

A lasting takeaway from All or Nothing: A Season With The Arizona Cardinals: Bruce Arians is not a man to mess with.

Not that I went into the series believing the Cardinals coach to be a pushover, but I was definitely struck by how rough the man can be around the edges. BA had a mean streak to him that summons memories of a cheesed-off Bill Parcells, stalking around the field in high-waisted shorts and cursing Phil Simms into the next galaxy.

There are worse coaches with which to share DNA.

Arians' agitated apex on All or Nothing comes when he sends British Olympian Lawrence Okoye to the bread line for having the gall to park his car in a spot not reserved for middling practice squad defensive lineman. I thought of that BA when second-year tight end Troy Niklas was told Tuesday his coach had praised his progress in training camp.

"He gets my name confused with dumb motherf----- a lot," Niklas said with a smile, according to the Cardinals' official site.

Niklas should consult All or Nothing for peace of mind. During a team meeting in an early episode of the series, Arians addresses wide receiver John Brown in a team meeting. "Smoke thought his name was motherf----- last year." There's hope for you yet, young Troy.

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