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Cam Newton, NFL's best quarterback? What about Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady?

It's hard to argue that Cam Newton has had an MVP-type year. He led the Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 regular-season record and a date with the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. In the regular season, Newton led all quarterbacks with 45 total touchdowns and 636 rushing yards but ranked 16th in passing yards.

When comparing SuperCam to all others at his position -- including several Canton-bound players -- is he the best quarterback in the NFL today?

I was on the fence until the last couple of weeks. But what he can do and when he does it -- combined with his composure in the pocket -- makes him such a threat. He can run the ball as well as anybody, but he also can sit in the pocket, like Tom Brady, and throw the ball with accuracy and probably further than any other QB. He has all the tools -- there's not one tool he is missing. So, by far, he's the best quarterback in the league right now. We have to identify what decides who is the best quarterback now. Is it a guy who can throw the ball for 5,000 yards? Or the new-age, Cam Newton-type quarterback, who might not throw for a ton of yards but has a major impact on his offense?

I don't know if he's the quarterback in the NFL right now -- put on the spot, I still would say Aaron Rodgers is the best QB -- but Cam's become a major threat to the throne. He's the most difficult quarterback to defend. He's going to redefine how we look at quarterbacks and who can play the position. We might turn to the best athlete to play the position, and not necessarily look at the Xs and Os. It's tough. When you talk about what Cam has done, he's the best quarterback weapon. He's the best QB mismatch on the field -- right there with Rob Gronkowski at tight end -- because he throws, can run and keeps defenses off balance. He has the ability to throw into tight windows.

That said, it's hard to put him above Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Brady played with so many injuries to his offense and still produced. I think Cam is 1B up there with those two, but it's hard to pick just one of these players. Cam is, pound for pound, the best quarterback in the league. How can you deny him? We get so caught up in numbers, but honestly, he's done what it takes to win. He passes efficiently and can also score on the ground. Nobody has been able to stop him. Newton's had the best season because of a lot of reasons: leadership, passing touchdowns and rushing yards and touchdowns. He was the most instrumental player, which is why he's the league's MVP.

But is he the best quarterback in the league? No, Aaron Rodgers is.

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