Cam Newton flexes vet status on Christian McCaffrey

Spirits are high in football camps across the country on this Thursday.

Teams are wrapping up mandatory minicamps, which means it's time for the NFL version of summer vacation. We already told you about the wild kicker-infused celebration that ended Bucs minicamp. Now let's head to Charlotte, where more good moods were on display under the warm sunshine.

Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey is one of the league's most exciting rookies, and one can imagine the media covering the Panthers want every second they can get with the former Stanford star.

Cam Newton was once that same hotshot kid in Charlotte. Six years later, he's watching McCaffrey in the same spot. Back in 2011, the vets could mess with him. Now, it's Cam's turn.

On a semi-related note, Cam still remains a striking physical presence. It's like scientists created him in a lab to play professional football and make questionable fashion choices.

Anyway, one day Christian McCaffrey will get to punk his younger teammates. But for that privilege, he must wait.

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