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Cam floats Tom Brady 'Benjamin Button' theory

Everyone is still trying to figure out how Tom Brady remains so damn good at football now months beyond his 40th birthday. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a theory we'd yet to come across before Wednesday.

"He may be Benjamin Button," Newton said during his press conference. "He looks like a GQ model. Golly, I see no gray. I look at [Panthers backup quarterback Derek Anderson], and he's full of gray already."

Newton was asked if he could imagine playing at a high level when he reached Brady's age -- which remains 12 years away.

"We just got to get there," Newton said.

For those unfamiliar with Cam's pop culture reference, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button was a F. Scott Fitzgerald short story -- later adapted into a 2005 film starring Brad Pitt -- about a man who ages in reverse and hooks up with Cate Blanchett occasionally. Is it possible Tom Brady began his life as an infant that had the appearance and physical issues associated with an elderly man? No. Not really.

Then again, is that explanation any more plausible than "I stay 28 forever by eating fake desserts and sleeping in rooms with no technology or pet dander?" No. Not really.

The truth is out there ... somewhere.

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