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Calvin Pryor's girlfriend vetoed safety's dating show

Jets safety Calvin Pryor received an offer to star on a competitive reality dating game show. The idea intrigued him. He wanted to do it. One can probably gather the reasons why.

There was one hurdle, however. He had to ask his girlfriend if it was OK first.

Calvin Pryor is not doing a dating reality show.

"She cut me off before I could explain the details," Pryor said, according to "I really didn't know if I could just do it for fun, or if it would have to be a serious thing. Once I asked my girlfriend, and she said 'no,' that ended that."

The onions on this guy!

Men, I want you to take a moment and imagine how your wife or girlfriend would react to the following: "Hey baby. Soooooo, I've been approached with an offer to become the sole object of desire for a handful of aspiring actresses' living under the same roof in a rented North Hollywood mansion. You cool with this?"

At first, she might find it amusing. Then, she'd realize you were serious. After that, your life would be effectively over.

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Pryor's pitch of his own almost show -- he explained to that "five or six" women would compete for his heart -- makes me think TV execs aren't even trying anymore.

That said, if Pryor starred on a dating reality show where he had to choose a girl while trying to keep his girlfriend from finding out he was doing a dating reality show, now that would season-pass worthy on the DVR.

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