Buffalo sports anchor goes nuclear on Stephon Gilmore

The Buffalo Bills haven't been to the postseason this century. It represents a marathon stretch of irrelevance that's had the effect of keeping a proud franchise far from the national spotlight.

The Bills' low profile is one of the reasons new Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, formerly of the Bills, is excited about the 2017 season and beyond. The Patriots have Tom Brady. The Patriots win Super Bowls. The Patriots are catnip for network executives. They are, in other words, everything the Bills -- as past and presently constituted in the 21st century -- are not.

This didn't strike us as a dig on the Bills so much as a statement of the obvious. The Bills don't have a single game scheduled on Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football this season. Gilmore never played on SNF once in his five seasons in Buffalo. In fact, the Bills haven't played a Sunday night game since November 18, 2007, a 56-10 shellacking at the hands of the -- wait for it -- Patriots. No team has been shunned by Al and Cris longer. Yes, that includes the Browns.

But sometimes the local sports guy just needs to take his shot. Enter WGRZ anchor Jonah Javad, a man so offended by Gilmore's innocuous tweet that he picked up a sledgehammer, looked it over, put it down, grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun, eyeballed that, cast it aside, then turned his gaze to the industrial flame thrower mounted on the wall.

"Yep, that'll do."

Hey Bills, this is what happens when you fail to field a playoff team for 17 straight years. People literally start to go crazy. You're already seeing it in your parking lots. You need to fix this before the weather guy gets involved. That dude is a total wild card.

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