Bruce Arians says he drank paint as a kid -- twice

Bruce Arians is not your typical NFL coach. Turns out he wasn't your typical child, either.

Arians believed that drinking paint -- this can't be real -- made him more difficult to tackle when he played in neighborhood football games. WHO IS HIS SOURCE?

The craziest part here: Arians ingested poison, fell ill, had the contents of his stomach forcibly evacuated by area medical technicians, was undoubtedly disciplined by his parents or guardians ... then did it again

Which can only mean one thing: Drinking paint actually does make you more difficult to tackle. We -- as a people -- just never knew this because no one ever thought to try.

Until Bruce f-----' Arians came along, that is.

POST SCRIPT: Don't drink paint, kids. This anecdote is likely apocryphal and if you tried it yourself you'll devastate your insides then die.

UPDATE: Arians spoke more about why he drank paint on Good Morning Football on Wednesday.

"I was allergic to milk as a child," Arians said. "My older brother would always get a big glass and drink it in front of me all the time. Daddy was painting the kitchen one day, and I saw that big creamy white bucket, just grabbed it started drinking it."

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