Browns set to start fifth quarterback in last five games

The Cleveland Browns announced Monday that Josh McCown will not play next Sunday after sustaining a shoulder injury in Week 2's loss to the Ravens.

That's now two weeks and two injured starters for Cleveland, which would be almost impossible believe if you didn't know a) we were talking about the Browns and b) those starters were Josh McCown and Robert Griffin III, the most injury-prone passers on Earth. If you want to go ahead and file this under SUSPECT ROSTER CONSTRUCTION I cannot stop you. No one said this Browns rebuild was going to be easy.

Here's an amazing nugget via Reddit that's impressive even for the Factory of Sadness: When rookie Cody Kessler starts against the Dolphins, it will mark the fifth different quarterback to start for the Browns in their last five games. Let's take a look at the list of the damned, which dates back to last December:

It's crazy to think that in late December the Browns were still trying to make the Manziel thing work. Days after this game, Manziel was spotted partying in Las Vegas after telling the Browns he was suffering from concussion-like symptoms. In that same week, the Browns reportedly sent Manziel home from practice after arriving at the team facility in a "disheveled and inebriated" state. Johnny Football, everybody!

I have no memory of this happening. Not ruling out that Davis won a radio call-in contest.

Pairing this quarterback with this team never felt like a good idea. Ever.

McCown got choked up after Sunday's loss explaining why he chose to stay on the field with an obliterated left shoulder. It was a touching scene that was especially jarring because I can only think of Ivan Drago whenever McCown has his helmet off. "I fight to win. For me!"

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Kessler is "not close" to being ready, per Browns sources. Hoo boy.

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