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Brown to Marshall: Bruh, where's my Porsche?

Brandon Marshall put pen to paper on Wednesday, officially joining the New York Giants on a two-year, $12 million deal. Antonio Brown has an idea where some of that money should go.

Here's the tweet Marshall sent out after signing the dotted line:

And here was Brown's response ...

As you might recall, Marshall made a saucy wager with Brown last summer. The particulars: If Brown had more receiving yards than Marshall in 2016, Marshall would give Brown a Porsche. If Marshall had more yards than Brown, the Steelers star would give Marshall his custom Rolls Royce.

Marshall proceeded to have the worst season of his career while trapped in Jets QB Hell. Brown enjoyed another All-Pro season. Final score: 1,284-788. This is not the first time Brown has inquired about the whereabouts of his Porsche.

Brown -- who recently became the NFL's highest-paid wide receiver -- is not short on material possessions. Still, clearly the man has principles. Pay up, Brandon.

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