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Broncos fan celebrates titles with epic full arm tattoo

We've written many a snarky blog post about overzealous fans who literally risk their limbs -- and depending on the parlor of choice, their life -- with tattoos that predict championship glory for their favorite team. Remember this guy?

My long-standing unsolicited advice: Never get a predictive tattoo. Instead, wait until your team actually wins, then get the ink, then tell others you had it done before the season started. It's a tame white lie and you get the SuperFan cache all the same.

Which brings me to the gentleman below, who didn't roll the dice with a prediction tattoo but will get plenty of respect in Broncos fan circles for this:

I'm not a tattoo guy, but this looks like a quality ink job. The detail work is tremendous. And the best news? He still has another arm if Mark Sanchez starts a dynasty.

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