Broncos continue to be rookie haircut trailblazers

It's rookie haircut season. The time of year where no first-year player is safe from the clippers set at 1.

I'd like to take this moment to give special praise to the Denver Broncos, whose continued work in this realm summons a level of originality akin to Radiohead during the Kid A sessions.

Yes, the same team that brought us the iconic Tim Tebow "Friar Tuck" has topped itself with ... The Literal Rat Tail.

And just as Radiohead has to play "Paranoid Android" in concert, the Broncos must deliver their hits to a hungry audience. Hence, the Friar Tuck lives on.

There's nothing like a bad haircut to show you just how close you actually are to the Ugliest Guy In The Room conversation. Look, here's me with Mark Davis hair. An actual monster.

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