Brock Osweiler, Browns are falling for each other

You know that part in a romantic comedy when the protagonist finally realizes the girl of his dreams has been right under his nose the entire time? Let's talk about the Cleveland Browns and Brock Osweiler.

A few months ago, the Browns traded for Osweiler and his odious contract in a move celebrated at the time as a ruthless and clever grab on draft capital by Sashi Brown and company. Reports swirled that Osweiler was merely a means to an end; Cleveland would either try to flip Osweiler in a trade or cut the beleaguered quarterback altogether.

That was then. This is now. After a start to training camp in which Osweiler worked mostly with the second team -- and was reportedly outplayed by his rookie teammate -- the Browns announced that Osweiler will start Cleveland's preseason opener on Thursday against the Saints. Take that, #KizerNation.

Meanwhile, the Browns' social media team is leaning into this newfound Brock appreciation with a new Brock highlight package set to generic rock music we surmise -- based on font choices involved -- is kind of like AC/DC Metallica.

Here, watch this:

Efficient practice check-down passes for days!

For what it's worth, Osweiler is all aboard this love boat. The last 30 seconds of the below one-on-one with NFL Network's Steve Wyche is almost distractingly sunny. Like, hostage-video-sunny. I could not be more excited to be a Cleveland Brown? Ownership has created a tremendous culture? The Browns have made me a way better football player than I've ever been? Brock's got it bad.

Let's hope these crazy kids make it last.

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