Brett Favre, in case you're curious, can still wing it

When Brett Favre finally retired and went to live on his farm in Mississippi, you expected certain things.

He'd work in the fields. He'd coach high school football. He'd make the occasional television appearance. He'd bury the hatchet with the Packers. He'd rep Wrangler. And, sure enough, he did all of those things.

What we didn't expect was Favre to turn his body into a freaking temple. When most players retire, it typically goes one of two ways -- they get much fatter or much skinnier. Favre went into civilian life and got ... yolked. So it doesn't surprise us to see the video being passed around on Wednesday showing the 47-year-old legend winging the pigskin with tremendous velocity.

Laser show, man. With all due respect to Sam Bradford, would it be so crazy for the Vikings to send a carrier pigeon down to the outskirts of Hattiesburg and just see where the old man's head is at? I know it sounds foolish, but ... like ... is it really?

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